Irrigation Systems Services

With 20 years experience and more than 2000 hectares of irrigation systems designed and build, our experts can deliver any solution according to your needs or solve any problem you have with your existing system.

Landscape irrigation

Our biggest landscape project is for the grounds of the XIX century royal park of Euxinograde on the Black sea coast. With a pumping station on a river, passing through the park, with a total flow of 67 liters per second, and biggest single zone of 2 ha, it covers 30 ha of the total 90 ha of the park land. 

From a small roof garden to a golf course or a country park – we believe every garden, no matter its size, deserves special treatment. Proper irrigating is essential to the life and happiness of plants.

The size and power of the sprinklers are chosen in accordance to the size of the land. Heat can be exhausting for all living organisms including trees, flowers and grass. If they lack adequate water system they lose their beautiful looks and most likely die, signs of this are yellow and brown colors appearing.

There are no limits for our team when it comes to your desires. Whether it is a narrow path with flowers or a big green space to use for your activities.

For more information please check our pages Irrigation Systems Berkshire, Irrigation Systems Hampshire, Irrigation Systems Surrey and Irrigation Systems West Sussex. We also offer a variety of other landscaping services, such as maintenance, design and construction. For more information please contact us directly.