Garden Landscaping Hampshire

Making flat area for a client

Ground works – Applying consistent methodology of design and work, we achieve permanent ground levels and avoid future sinking and puddle development. We use any necessary structural element to attain the desired result – sleeper, block & brick or concrete walls as well as heritage brick-only or dry stone walling.

Building sleeper retaining walls and steps

Drive ways and parking lots – Even with the loose gravel solutions we guarantee no sinking, no tracks, no puddles.

Patios – No wobbling, no unsticking slabs.

Mature trees landscaping
New house? Just finished major construction works? Call us, we can build your garden as it has been there for more than 50 years!

Planting mature tree

Instant turfing – walk-on just-laid* – Apart from the classic turfing methodology with our hi-end technologies we are able to prepare and lay the turf in a way, which allows you to walk on it immediately, so we lay today, you party tomorrow.

*Subject to weather conditions. Not advisable to walk-on 24 hours after heavy rain or irrigation.