Landscape Gardeners Hampshire

Immaculate Garden is a landscaping company based on the Surrey-West Sussex-Hampshire border. With over 20 years of experience, our expertise varies from small private gardens to large heritage parkland landscapes. Our services include design and maintenance, right through to complete builds and restorations. Our extensive portfolio of work includes royal residences, as well as managing contemporary landscape complexes and urban green infrastructure, which means your project will benefit from an adaptable and yet bespoke approach.

Our experts are there to assist you through the entire process, to ensure an incredible and sustainable garden is achieved. The development a garden does not end with its construction, it often begins there. And the well-planned maintenance plays crucial role for future steady development. That way this living environment will not only be preserved in time, but it will also flourish and mature.

We operate mainly in Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey, but we also consider jobs in Berkshire, East Sussex and Kent.



Garden Design Hampshire

Immaculate Garden offers garden design in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. An expert landscape architect leads our design department, with a PhD in Heritage Landscape Architecture they offer a qualified and considered manner to their work.

At the first meeting we listen to you to get the most of your ideas and expectations, while advising you according to the local conditions and circumstances. Communication with the client through out the whole process is very important step to us in order to deliver the desired results.

The next step is the site survey – geology, soil and existing vegetation, identifying any present and potential problems and the impact of the surrounding environment. Next follows the proposal with ideas and sketches for the future appearance. After the detail design we will also prepare for you breakdown of costs.

Hand-drawn sketches



Garden Landscaping Hampshire

Making flat area for a client

Ground works – Applying consistent methodology of design and work, we achieve permanent ground levels and avoid future sinking and puddle development. We use any necessary structural element to attain the desired result – sleeper, block & brick or concrete walls as well as heritage brick-only or dry stone walling.

Building sleeper retaining walls and steps

Drive ways and parking lots – Even with the loose gravel solutions we guarantee no sinking, no tracks, no puddles.

Patios – No wobbling, no unsticking slabs.

Mature trees landscaping
New house? Just finished major construction works? Call us, we can build your garden as it has been there for more than 50 years!

Planting mature tree

Instant turfing – walk-on just-laid* – Apart from the classic turfing methodology with our hi-end technologies we are able to prepare and lay the turf in a way, which allows you to walk on it immediately, so we lay today, you party tomorrow.

*Subject to weather conditions. Not advisable to walk-on 24 hours after heavy rain or irrigation.


Garden Maintenance Near Me

The maintenance plays the most crucial role for the appearance of your garden. No matter how well build, how highly professional designer and builder you have employed for the construction, if left unattended, quite soon it starts deteriorating. The weeds invade the planting beds and the lawn, the latter starts shading to yellowish… Soon comes the moss. And then many owners and even some ‘professional’ companies suggest re-landscaping. While this is a solution, it’s a costly solution and for sure not environment friendly, as any reconstruction means a huge carbon imprint and a lot of waste.

Providing high quality garden maintenance, we try to advise our clients on keeping sustainable gardens and do our best to help them enjoy beautiful gardens while contributing the nature, not damaging it.

The general collection of activities, included in our maintenance packages, consists of:

  • Weed and pest control (both natural and chemical assisted)
  • Lawn mowing, formal or mulching (latter means no green waste and less fertilizing)

  • Hedges, trees and bushes clipping and trimming
  • Fertilizing – We have solutions both for general and organic landscaping

  • Seasonal flower beds care – planting seasonal flowers, specialized fertilizing to give you the most of your flowers, deadheading etc.

While we always try to achieve a long term agreement with our clients in order to give them our best, we are always ready to prove our experience and expertise with short term projects – we can show you in four weeks only during the season how we can change your lawn or flower bed (please keep in mind, the best results still come with long term planning). For the trees and shrubs it takes at least three months, but the results are always significant!

Apart from the long term planned maintenance we offer also a series of occasional maintenance services:

  • Moss control – while your lawn is kept normally  moss free if you are a client of ours, you still can get help removing the moss. We can achieve it through chemical treatment and we also offer an organic solution if you are keen on organic gardening.
  • Growth speed-up – thanks to more than 20 years of observations, research and trials, we are able to triple the plants growth by means of organic gardening techniques and even quintuple by means of common methods. So if you need your hedges or green belts faster and sooner, we can do it! After achieving the target growth, we slow back the growth, so you can enjoy normal development.
  • Events set-up – you are planning a significant event and you need lots of flowers in the planting beds? No problem, even a few days before the event. You are worried about the impact of your guests on the lawn? Or you even need to park on the grass? We are able to strengthen your lawn so much, to make it so dense and thick, that a few days after the event there will be no sign of the crowd and no permanent marks from the tires.

We offer garden maintenance mainly in Hampshire and Surrey, but we would also take in consideration jobs in Berkshire, Kent and West Sussex.